Production of Teaching Projects for Themes in the Subjects, English, Norwegian and Social Studies for Upper Secondary Schools.

The prices are quoted without value-added tax.

A teaching project including text and exercises, 3000 – 4000kr.

This price does NOT include the rights to use extracts from literature or pictures which do not have a CC licence.

The project can be produced, including proof-reading, in Word, Drupal or another program, and will need minimal editing before publication.


  • Text including a recorded interview and both interactive and other types of tasks produced for NDLA (first year upper secondary school English for vocational students).  Working as a Hotel Hostess  (kr. 4,000)
  •  Article recommending suitable literature for Social Studies English, produced for NDLA.  Recommended Reading  (kr. 3,500)
  • Text with a variety of tasks (interactive and other) for first year upper secondary school English (vocational), produced for NDLA.  A Railway Accident  (kr. 4,000)
  • Text with exercises for the programme subject, Communication and Culture, produced for NDLA.  Hva er norsk kultur? . (kr. 3,500)

Further price for production and development  kr. 650/hour


Proof-reading has a price of kr 490/hour plus value-added tax. We proof-read and correct in Word, Drupal and other programmes. The price quoted assumes normal quality on the original text.

Translation to New Norwegian or to English

The price is kr 1.35 + value-added tax per word. Translation work can be done in Word, Drupal or another programme. The price includes picture captions and other associated text and an extra check of the final translation.

Contact us for information and price.