About Us

 About Us

We are are a company which was established by four colleagues with university and college degrees and many years’ experience in teaching high school students. Our range of subjects are English, Norwegian, Social Studies, Pedagogy and Tourism. We have all worked in the editorial department for English in the Norwegian Digital Learning Arena (ndla.no). We have experience in the production of teaching books, teaching material, translation and consultant work.

Blekksprutene is a limited company established in 2013, which has had the production of teaching material for high  schools as its primary activity. We also offer language and translation services. We four teachers have in common that we have enjoyed being in the classroom and have a strong interest in language, communication and methodology.


Eli 1Eli Marianne Huseby

Mobile:   +4797595719
E-mail:  eli@blekksprutene.no

Eli Marianne Huseby has English, Pedagogy (including the psychology of the individual), and Nordic from Oslo University, and also further courses in special needs education and arts and crafts.  She has more than 25 years teaching experience in upper secondary school in English, Norwegian, Communication and Culture and Psychology. and in addition, has been involved in school administration and the production of teaching books. She was a member of the English editorial staff and editor for Communication and Culture in the Norwegian Digital Learning Arena. She has family in the USA and has researched family history connected to Norwegian emigration in the 1880s. 

From 2019, we have no permanent employees. The following are board members and are co-workers when required.


AnneAnne Scott Hagen

Chairperson and co-worker             
Mobile:   +4791637214
E-mail:  anne@blekksprutene.no

Anne Scott Hagen comes from Scotland with a bachelor’s degree (honours) in Applied Chemistry (UK), and a master’s degree in English (Oslo University). She has more than 20 years of teaching experience in upper secondary school, mainly in English for vocational students, but also students in general studies. She worked for four years developing English teaching material and proof reading for the Norwegian Digital Learning Arena.

Åse Elin1Åse Elin Langeland

Board member and co-worker
E-mail: aaseelin@blekksprutene.no

Åse Elin Langeland has a master’s degree in English, a degree in Norwegian (11/2 years) and a master’s degree in school administration from the Business Institute, Stavanger. She has experience from teaching and school administration in upper secondary school. She was a member of the English editorial staff and had responsibility for Social Studies English at NDLA. She has also worked with proof reading and translation. ndla samfunnsfagleg engelsk

SerklandMorten Serkland

Board member and co-worker
Mobile:   +4795928541
E-mail: morten@blekksprutene.no

Morten Serkland is a qualified nurse and has a master’s degree in English. He has taught tourism at Grenland Folk High School for more than 20 years and has also long teaching experience from upper secondary school. While working as a member of the English editorial staff at NDLA, he interviewed many interesting people around the world who use English as their first or second language. He has also many years of experience counselling young people about career choices.  Grenland Folkehøgskole

Other Co-workers

We have a large network which makes it possible to hire in expertise for different types of jobs within the range of services we offer. For example we can offer the expertise of:

Eli Raak Torsholt

She has her qualifications from art academies in Trondheim and Florence. She has also studied Digital Media Design at the University of Sørøst Norge. She has many years teaching experience in art and design from upper secondary school. Here is an example of one of her illustrations.